CPES News & Science Archive

Since 2009, CPES has been maintaining an on-line archive of news stories and studies about environmental chemicals and health, catalogued by chemical type, modified WHO ICD-10 disease classifications, and class of evidence (animal, human or in vitro). It now contains over 2,500 chemical news stories and scientific studies.

The archive uses the Pinboard link storage and sharing platform, and can be found here:

To filter the archive, click from the list of tags on the right of the Pinboard page. You have the option to click to view the tags as a list or a cloud; tags in bigger lettering have more articles associated with the tag.

Clicking on a tag will deliver a list of all the items in the archive tagged with that term. We suggest trying out these filters to get started:

  • BPA (the current poster child of concerns with chemicals regulation)
  • Human (to return all epidemiological and clinical studies)
  • Science (to return all scientific studies on chemicals and health)
  • Regulation (to return all items concerned with how chemicals are regulated)
  • Obesity (to return all items about how chemicals might be contributing to obesity)

The archive can be used to generate custom RSS feeds, which in turn allow automatically updated news columns for websites and blogs (such as the News and Science column on the right of this page). There are instructions on the Pinboard site about how to do this, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


About CPES

The Cancer Prevention and Education Society is a Charity (No. 1089082) & Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 4157505). Registered in England and Wales. Registered Office: The Cancer Prevention & Education Society, Meads House, Leighterton, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8UW.


Please help!

To continue our work, we are dependent on donations and volunteers. Please do get in touch to find out how you might be able to help out by contributing money or time by sending an email to Paul: pwhaley@cancerpreventionsociety.org


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