Food contact materials in the EU are not regulated under the REACH chemical laws but instead by legislation which came into force in November 2004, governing “materials and articles intended to come into contact with food”. The problem is, the EU has only finalised regulation of six of the total of 17 groups of FCMs. [...]

Studies which investigate potential risks to health posed by chemicals vary in design, methodological quality, populations studied, and exposure and health outcomes considered. Even very large, highly-cited studies will be challenged or refuted over time, which is why decision-making (if it is to be based on the best available evidence) requires on-going reconciliation of studies [...]

The “circular economy” is a generic term for a restorative industrial economy whereby economic activity conserves and increases resource rather than depleting it, via two circular flows of biological and technical feedstocks. Here we describe some of the challenges which chemicals present in making the transition to a circular economy. To find out more, click [...]

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